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Two-Person Relationship Therapy Sessions - Finchley or Online - £100 - £190

Enhancing Relationships Through Therapy

Our relationship sessions are specifically designed for clients who find it beneficial to attend therapy with a partner, family member, or another significant individual. These sessions are tailored to help you and your companion navigate and resolve the complexities and challenges within your relationship.

Whether addressing communication barriers, conflict resolution, emotional connectivity, or other relational dynamics, our approach is to create a supportive and understanding environment conducive to mutual growth and healing.


Session Details

Each session, whether held in Finchley or online, is thoughtfully structured to last 50 minutes. This duration allows for meaningful, in-depth exploration of the issues at hand.

-We believe in the importance of regular and consistent therapy sessions. Therefore, appointments are scheduled at the same time each week, ensuring a continuous and stable progression in your therapeutic journey.


Convenient and Accessible Therapy Options

In-person sessions are available in Finchley, providing a serene and private setting ideal for couples or pairs looking to engage in therapy together.

Our online sessions offer the same level of professional and empathetic guidance, with the added benefit of convenience and flexibility. This option is perfect for those who prefer the comfort of their own home or are managing busy schedules.


Commitment to Your Relationship's Growth

-Our aim is to assist you in understanding and strengthening your relationship, offering tools and insights that foster a healthier, more fulfilling bond.

We welcome all types of relationships and are dedicated to addressing your specific needs and goals in therapy.



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