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One-on-One Double Therapy Sessions - Finchley or Online £130 to £270


Extended Sessions for Deeper Exploration

Recognising that sometimes a standard 50-minute session may not suffice for the depth of exploration needed, we offer the option of double sessions. These extended sessions are particularly beneficial for those moments when you feel there's more to discuss and work through than can be covered in a standard session.

A double session lasts for 90 minutes, allowing ample time for a more comprehensive exploration of your thoughts, feelings, and challenges. This extended duration is ideal for delving deeper into complex issues, engaging in more intensive therapy, or when you feel the need for additional support and time.


Flexible Scheduling After Consultation

The decision to opt for a double session is made following a discussion between us, ensuring that it aligns with your therapeutic needs and goals.

These sessions are available both in-person at our Finchley location and online, providing you with the flexibility to choose the most comfortable and convenient option for your extended therapy experience.


Pricing Structure

-he cost of a double session ranges from £160 to £270, depending on which therapist or counsellor you wish to work with. This pricing reflects the extended duration and the enhanced opportunity for in-depth therapeutic work.

Our aim is to offer you the necessary space and time for effective therapy, without the constraints of a standard session length.


Commitment to Comprehensive Care

We understand that each individual's therapeutic journey is unique, and sometimes requires more time for reflection and discussion. Our double sessions are designed to cater to these needs, providing a supportive and accommodating environment for your personal growth and healing.



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