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Double Relationship Therapy Sessions - Finchley or Online £190 - £300

Extended Therapy for Deeper Relationship Work

In recognition of the complexities inherent in relationships, we offer double relationship sessions. These are particularly suited for clients who, along with their partner, family member, or another significant person, find that the standard 50-minute session doesn’t provide sufficient time for all the issues they wish to address.

These extended sessions last for 90 minutes, offering a more expansive timeframe that is conducive to thorough exploration and discussion of relationship dynamics, challenges, and areas for growth.


Why Choose a Double Session?

A double session provides the opportunity to delve deeper into relational matters, allowing both parties ample time to express themselves, explore their perspectives, and work collaboratively on resolving conflicts or enhancing their understanding of each other.

This extended duration is ideal for tackling complex issues, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and facilitating significant progress in your relationship.

Flexible and Accessible

-We offer these extended relationship sessions both in-person at our Finchley location and online. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the setting that feels most comfortable and conducive to open communication and connection.

Whether you prefer the direct interaction of in-person meetings or the convenience of online sessions, our aim is to provide a supportive and empathetic space for your relationship’s growth.


Investing in Your Relationship

The cost of a double relationship session varies from £270 - £300 depending on which of our therapists you choose. This investment reflects the extended time and depth of engagement provided, ensuring that your relationship receives the attention and care it deserves.

By choosing a double session, you are making a valuable commitment to the health and development of your relationship, allowing for more comprehensive and impactful therapy.



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