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Home Visit Therapy Sessions - North West London Area - £150 to £280 (Therapist and Area Dependant)


Personalised Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home

Understanding that some clients may face challenges in traveling or prefer the privacy of their own space, we offer home visit psychotherapy sessions. This service is designed for those who find it more conducive to their wellbeing to receive therapy within the familiar environment of their home.

After a thorough discussion and assessment, either in person or by phone, we determine together if home-based therapy is the most beneficial approach for your needs.


Adaptable to Your Individual Circumstances

Our home visit sessions are tailored not only to meet your therapeutic requirements but also to accommodate your specific location within the North West London area.

The pricing for these sessions ranges from £150 to £280, varying according to the therapist and the specific area of North West London. This structure ensures that our services are adapted to suit the unique conditions of each home visit.


Session Details

Each home visit session is structured to last one clinical hour, providing a comprehensive and effective therapeutic experience in a setting where you feel most at ease.

This approach allows for a deeper level of convenience and accessibility, ensuring that high-quality psychotherapy is available even to those who are unable to travel for in-person or online sessions.


Extended Service Area

For clients located outside of North West London, we are open to discussing the possibility of home visits. Prices and arrangements for these areas are determined on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that our services are as inclusive and accessible as possible.



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