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Supervision Services - Finchley or Online £100 - £150



Our supervision sessions allow us to provide nuanced and adaptable supervision, catering to the diverse needs and perspectives of our supervisees. This ranges from individuals to organisations. 


Welcoming Diverse Modalities

We are committed to supporting supervisees from all therapeutic modalities. Whether you are practicing within a specific framework or employing a more eclectic approach, our supervision aims to respect and enhance your unique therapeutic style. The diversity of modalities enriches the supervisory experience, fostering an environment of learning and professional growth.


Supporting Caring Professions

In addition to therapists and counsellors, we extend our supervision services to professionals in other caring fields, such as social work and advocacy. Understanding the unique challenges and demands of these roles, our supervision provides a space for reflection, skill development, and emotional support.


Flexible and Convenient

Supervision sessions are available both in-person at our Finchley location and online, offering flexibility to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Alternatively they can be set up at your company/organisation. Whether face-to-face or via digital platforms, the quality and depth of supervision remain consistent, ensuring you receive the support and guidance needed for your professional development.


Commitment to Professional Development

Our goal is to provide a supportive, engaging, and reflective supervisory relationship that not only addresses the complexities of your work but also fosters your growth as a professional. Through this collaborative process, we will explore various aspects of your practice, enhancing your skills, understanding, and effectiveness in your role.



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