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One-on-One Therapy Sessions - Finchley/Online £65 - £150


Session Format and Duration

- Our one-on-one sessions are available both in-person (in Finchley) and online, offering you the flexibility to choose the mode that best suits your needs.

- Each session is carefully structured to last 50 minutes, providing ample time for in-depth exploration and discussion.

- We value consistency in therapy, hence sessions are scheduled at the same time and day each week. This regularity supports the development of a therapeutic rhythm and aids in the progression of your personal growth journey.


In-Person Sessions

Experience the warmth and personal connection of face-to-face sessions at our Finchley location. These sessions are ideal for those who prefer a physical presence and a dedicated therapeutic space.


Online Sessions: Video Call / Phone

Our online sessions are designed for utmost convenience without compromising the quality of therapy.

Video call sessions are perfect for individuals with busy lifestyles, offering the flexibility to connect from wherever you are, be it at home, office, or while traveling.

For those who prefer audio over video, phone sessions are also available, providing a comfortable and accessible alternative.


Commitment to Accessibility and Comfort

-We understand that each individual's circumstances and preferences are unique. Whether you prefer the traditional setting of in-person therapy or the convenience of online sessions, we are committed to accommodating your needs.



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