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If you're interested in trying psychotherapy, here's what to expect:

  • Psychotherapy/Coaching is a talking therapy; this means that a typical session will consist of dialogue between you and your practitioner. 


  • In general it is best if your practitioner and you find a time that works consistently on the same day at the same time each week. This weekly format gives a steady and regular rhythm to the work and makes scheduling simpler. In some cases, you may decide to meet more or less than once a week where this is deemed necessary, this will be worked out together with your therapist/coach. More flexible timing is also possible where needed.

  • Before attending sessions, you will be expected to fill in your therapist/coach's contract, sharing some of your details and agreeing to their terms of working. You'll also be required to make payment for each session before the appointment begins.

  • In the initial appointment, you will discuss how many sessions you want. This can be a set time span, set number, or open ended. This decision will be made together and will be informed by many different factors. 

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