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About Us

Welcome to North London Therapy Practice; A Collective of Talking Therapy Professionals in North London

At North London Therapy Practice, Finchley, we are a diverse team of psychotherapists, analysts, counsellors and coaches united by a common goal; to provide compassionate personalised mental health care, personal development and growth as well as achieving your full potential. Our North London practice is a beacon of support, offering a safe haven for healing and growth.


Our Story

Naomi Magnus has been in private practice in Finchley, North London and Harley Street, Central London as an Existential Psychotherapist for the last 14 years. As her practice filled up and requests for psychotherapy continued, she was asked to recommend local trusted counsellors and therapists in the area. Having attended various training courses, and generally being around, luckily Naomi had a network of trusted professionals she began referring clients to, therapists that suited what they were looking for in terms of modality and availability. It became clear that to streamline such a process; have Naomi officially become the Clinical Director of a practice and help prospective clients get to the right therapist or counsellor would be of benefit both to potential clients and to the therapists and counsellors who appreciated the referral network and the steady stream of clients who suited their ways of working.

North London Therapy now operates using the same model. When you first make contact with the practice you can have an initial consultation scheduled with Naomi where she will work through your needs, requirements and general reasons for seeking therapy at this time. Naomi can then match you with one of our highly trained and competent therapists who from the get go is guaranteed to have the availability you need, the possibility to work how you'd like (in person, online, one-on-one or with a couple), and the training to work from the modality that Naomi and you believe will work best for you and what you're bringing.  We also work with large and small organisations helping with teams and individuals. 

Our In-Person Therapists can see you in various locations in North London.

Our Ethos: Diverse Expertise, Personalised Care

Each professional in our team brings unique expertise, experience and approach, ensuring we cater to a wide range of needs. Whether it's individual therapy, relationship therapy, group work, online or in-person, we are equipped to support your journey.


Collaborative Approach to Holistic Wellness

We believe in the synergy of collaboration. Our therapists often work together, combining their insights to provide comprehensive care that addresses the mind, body and spirit. This means that your healing process will always be about your whole wellbeing and addressing your whole self rather than stand alone labels or diagnoses.


Empowering You Through Connection and Understanding

Our core belief is that healing begins with connection. We strive to understand your story deeply and work with you to create a path to wellness that respects your individuality.


Join Us on a Journey of Discovery and Healing

Discover the transformative power of therapy with our experienced and empathic team. Getting in touch with North London Therapy enables you to take the first step towards better wellbeing and more fulfilling relationships.

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