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Rachel Sklan
Individual, Couples & Group Psychotherapist 

Therapy sessions starting at £90* 

Rachel Sklan, based in London, has a diverse background with over twenty years of experience in Pastoral and mental health support, psychotherapy, and group work. Her work spans across three continents – the USA, the Middle East, and Europe.

Rachel works with people to explore their unconscious relational patterns, to gain a better understanding and ownership of their current and desired relationships. Through using a non-judgemental and patient-centered approach, the patient-therapist relationship is at the very core of this work. Her passion lies in supporting individuals and groups to work towards better self-understanding.

Rachel works with the social unconscious; through understanding and exploring the individual's different cultural, sexual, and gender-based identities. This intersectionality is an important aspect of the work.                            

Rachel's formal training includes a BA in youth and community work and qualifications as an NLP trainer and coach, She is an individual and group psychotherapist, UKCP working with individuals, groups, couples, and families with a special interest in young adults. 

*I offer reduced rates for those that need. Please contact me for further information. 

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