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Simon Harris
Life, Leadership & ADHD Coach

Sessions for only £80

At the heart of our North London therapy and coaching practice is Simon Harris, our leadership, life, confidence and career coach. Simon has over 20 years experience working across healthcare, education and leadership development, where he has held a range of senior leadership and coaching positions.Simon brings his extensive coaching expertise to a diverse clientele. He supports a range of clients, including top-tier executives from leading consulting firms, innovative founders of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and professionals excelling in their fields. His coaching also extends to those seeking a change in their career trajectory and senior leaders from various organisations, where he addresses a broad spectrum of personal and professional challenges. 


A Deep, Impactful Coaching Approach

Simon engages with his clients in a profound and meaningful way. His coaching style delves into both professional aspirations and personal life goals. By challenging limiting beliefs in a supportive and non-judgmental way, and leveraging individual strengths and values, Simon facilitates the development of new insights and perspectives. This approach empowers his clients to actively pursue their objectives, leading to significant success and transformation.

Personalised Coaching Sessions
The journey with Simon begins with a complimentary, 30-minute chemistry call. This session is an opportunity for potential clients to understand Simons coaching methodology and determine if he is the right coach for their needs. It also allows Simon to gain insights into the client's goals and how he can provide the most effective support.

Coaching sessions with Simon are flexible, catering to the client's convenience. These sessions can occur over phone or video calls, with the option for face-to-face meetings upon request. Goals for each session are set in advance, ensuring a focused and productive experience. Simon offers varying frequencies of meetings – from weekly to monthly sessions – tailoring to the unique schedules and needs of each client. This adaptable approach is designed to maintain momentum, focus, and
facilitate continuous success over periods ranging from 6 to 12 months.

Book a free 30 minute chemistry call with Simon today! 

Simons highly effective coaching sessions are only £80 for a 60 minute session. 

Get the best coach now for Life, Leadership, Confidence and Career. Simons coaching skills are effective for all ages and for many areas. Get in touch now for the best coaching in London.

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