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Felix Bowers-Brown
Integrative Therapist & Counsellor

Online therapy sessions £90

Your curiosity is the first essential step on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth. By exploring this platform, you are actively seeking a therapeutic connection that resonates with you, a vital part of starting your transformative journey.

Through my own experiences, I have gained a deep understanding and acceptance of the self, qualities that are integral to my practice as a therapist. My journey has been one of embracing my true self, cultivating a sense of curiosity, resilience, compassion, and empathy. These are the cornerstones of my approach to therapy, enabling me to support you effectively through life's complexities and challenges.

Life presents us with a myriad of experiences, and I have learned to embrace these with a spirit of healing and transformation. I extend this approach to my therapy practice, offering you a space to discover self-compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love. The path to healing is a personal commitment, and only you can choose to engage fully in this process. It's about learning to navigate alongside your challenges, without being overwhelmed or defined by them.

As we embark on this journey together towards a more fulfilled and content version of yourself, my commitment to you is unwavering honesty, deep empathy, heartfelt compassion, and complete understanding. Together, let's explore this path of self-discovery and healing, unlocking your potential for growth and personal transformation.

Working with: Anxiety, Depression, Identity issues, LGBTQ+ counselling, Men's issues, Self esteem, Sexuality, Stress, Trauma, Women's issues

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