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Dr Miriam Tasgal
Psychologist & Counsellor

Individuals Online £90 
Supervision £120

Welcome to our North London therapy practice. I'm Dr. Miriam Tasgal, a dedicated existential psychotherapist and counsellor. My accreditation comes from the UKCP and MBACP, and I hold registration with the HCPC and the BPS as a Chartered Psychologist. With a rich background in working across various client demographics, I bring a profound understanding and expertise to my practice. My particular focus has been on supporting mothers of children facing significant health challenges.


As a contributing faculty member at the NSPC, specialising in existential psychotherapy, my career spans over two decades. This journey has been cantered on assisting clients to navigate life's complexities, fostering a deeper comprehension of themselves and their circumstances. I


In my practice I provide a nurturing and confidential environment where clients can reflect on their emotions, values, and choices. This space is dedicated to discovering life's significance and direction. My approach is rooted in the belief that clients are the foremost authorities on their experiences, capable of growth and transformation. Through a partnership, I aim to uncover clients' strengths and options, equipping them to face life's hurdles.

My clientele encompasses a wide range of issues, drawing from extensive experience in the NHS's IAPT service. I am particularly adept at addressing:


Relationship challenges


Challenges faced by new mothers

Parenting difficulties

Navigating the journey of parenting a child with additional needs

Support for carers and family caregivers

Navigating the aftermath of medical negligence

Anxiety and low mood

Issues of self-esteem

Complex PTSD and childhood emotional neglect


Furthermore, I offer focused sessions for individuals seeking to process their postpartum experiences, including the emotional aftermath of childbirth and labour. These discussions provide a space to voice and work through any emerging feelings following the arrival of a new baby.


I offer clinical and academic supervision.

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