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Monique Howie
Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Individuals Online & In-Person £120

Over the past twenty years in my role as a therapist, I've come to recognise a fundamental element essential to healing: the need to be acknowledged. This insight forms the bedrock of my approach, regardless of whether I'm assisting children, adolescents, or adults.

Increasingly over the last 5 years or so, a large percentage of my caseload have been clients dealing with challenges due to traits of neurodiversity. For some they had a prior diagnosis, but most came with no idea why they were feeling so overwhelmed with day to day life. Symptoms such as emotional disregulation, anxiety, depression, rejection sensitivity disorder, inflexible thought processes, sensory overload, and many more challenging mental health issues.

I’ve gained a great deal of experience with individuals navigating life with the added challenge of neurodiversity. I’ve also gained knowledge through additional trainings in this area.
It's been extremely rewarding journeying alongside clients both young and adult, in helping them to explore their ways of navigating difficult thoughts and feelings, understanding those that serve them well and which ones possibly need rethinking. 

Working with them to ascertain which values they prize in life ie, being a good friend/ sibling/ partner/ parent. Identifying the goals they have in life such as managing school or work expectations. Taking up activities that bring a sense of achievement and belonging. work life balance in adults, and working out which behaviours are bringing them closer to these values and goals and which ones are possibly moving them away from them. These are some of the core tenants of ACT (Acceptance commitment Therapy) that I’ve married with my earlier training and experience.

By prioritising an empathic, non-judgmental understanding of each client's journey, I've observed that with patience, self-compassion, and an enhanced self-awareness, individuals can navigate through their complexities.
As a Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), my commitment to supporting emotional and psychological well-being is unwavering.
My services are diverse, encompassing both long-term and short-term therapeutic engagements for children, teenagers and adults. Additionally, I provide phone and online consultations for parents dealing with specific challenges their children face, including behavioural difficulties, phobias, anxiety, and issues stemming from divorce.
**Training, Qualifications, and Experience**
My formal education in this field began with a Diploma in Counselling Skills acquired from London Metropolitan University, followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Integrative Psycho-Dynamic Counselling.
My therapeutic career initiated at the Hackney Bereavement Centre, where I was entrusted with the delicate task of supporting individuals confronting profound grief. This experience taught me the importance of offering a safe space for clients to share their most painful truths during their most challenging times.
Before becoming a therapist, I worked with children, which naturally transitioned into a role providing individual therapy to primary school children through the charity Place to Be. My ongoing training and supervision during this period introduced me to the power of creative expressions, such as painting, clay work, and notably, sand tray therapy, in facilitating emotional communication.
Later, I joined Kids Company to lead a comprehensive social care project within a primary school in Hackney. My responsibilities expanded to include one-to-one therapy, supervising student social workers and therapists, and co-leading group therapy for children dealing with complex issues like bereavement, neglect, and familial substance abuse. Despite the closure of Kids Company, the school programme I helped to establish continues to benefit children across London.
My contributions also extended to the development and delivery of the INSET workshop for educators and school staff, aimed at fostering positive student relationships and enhancing staff well-being through the REACH (React with Compassion and Care) program, amongst other initiatives at PACT Creative.
Balancing my role as a mother of five with running a thriving private practice, I've supported clients with a broad spectrum of issues from teenagers grappling with severe depression and anxiety to young children coping with loss and self-esteem challenges.
Being part of the BACP not only underscores my professional integrity but also my dedication to fostering environments where individuals feel seen, heard, and supported through their healing journeys.

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