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Joel Kaye
Anger Management & Emotional Regulation therapist 

Online & In-person therapy sessions £120

Welcome to a transformative journey where insight meets action. I am Joel, a dedicated therapist and coach specialising in anger management and emotional regulation. My path in this field is driven by a firm belief in the transformative power of targeted strategies, empathetic listening, and tailored coaching to facilitate personal development and wellbeing.


My Philosophy

At the heart of my practice is the understanding that change is not only possible but within reach for everyone. Anger and emotional challenges serve not just as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth and learning. 

I see these moments as openings to delve into the deeper aspects of our psyche, fostering a better understanding of ourselves and enhancing our interactions with the world around us.


My Approach

My approach combines the precision of therapeutic techniques with the action-oriented focus of coaching, tailored to fit the unique narrative of each individual. Employing a mix of cognitive-behavioural methods (CBT), mindfulness, and solution-focused strategies, I aim to create a comprehensive path toward managing emotions and developing resilience.


In our sessions, we establish a collaborative, supportive environment that encourages openness and honesty. My role is to guide you through the process of identifying the roots of your emotional struggles, equipping you with practical tools and insights to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and clarity.


My Experience

With extensive experience in therapy and coaching, I have guided many toward achieving a more harmonious balance in their lives. My professional journey is supported by a robust foundation in psychological principles and coaching methodologies, underscored by a commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.


I am engaged in advancing my qualifications and understanding, continually seeking to broaden my skills to better serve those I work with.


I can help with relationship issues and the difficulties that can come within our human experience. These include conflict and passivity, rage, anxiety, empathy, neurodivergence, feelings of weakness, aggression and outbursts, confidence issues, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.


Let's Connect

If you find yourself battling with anger or seeking to enhance your emotional regulation, remember, this is a journey you need not walk alone. I invite you to get in touch to discover how we can work together toward unveiling a more serene, empowered version of yourself. Your path to mastering your emotions starts here.

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