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Rachel Davies
Personal Development, Life & Leadership Coach 

Life changing sessions for only £80

Rachel is an esteemed member of our coaching team at North London Therapy Practice, bringing with her a wealth of experience in both individual and team coaching. As well as this Rachel offers her experience and skills in life and confidence coaching Her journey as a facilitator and a Head of Coaching at Curve has honed her skills in crafting and leading  core workshops. Rachel is known for her warm and empathetic demeanour, making it her mission to assist individuals in overcoming obstacles that impede their progress.


Her approach is deeply rooted in fostering self-awareness and personal growth. Rachel employs thoughtful questioning and provides a nurturing space for self-reflection, enabling clients to discover solutions and insights that catalyse meaningful and enduring change.

With a strong track record in coaching clients across various levels, including executive and leadership teams, Rachel excels in creating dynamic experiences that enhance trust and empathy within groups.

Her expertise is particularly valuable in transforming team dynamics, breaking down barriers, and nurturing collaborative, cohesive team environments. Rachel's passion lies in the transformative potential of coaching, and she is dedicated to guiding our clients at North London Therapy Practice towards realising their full potential, both as individuals and as part of a team.

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Rachels life changing coaching sessions are £80 for a 60 minute session.

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Working with:

Life Coaching

Confidence Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Team Coaching

Organisational Coaching

ADHD Coaching

North London's coaching services.

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