I offer a variety of different ways for you to engage in psychotherapy, please click here for more information on the different options available to you.

My practice is best described as existential-phenomenological psychotherapy. Existential psychotherapy is a non-directive form of therapy. This means that I believe you are the expert, I do not claim to have any answers that you cannot find yourself, however it can be helpful to be supported in finding these answers and this is where therapy plays a part. As an existential psychotherapist I believe that enabling you to gain increased awareness of yourself and the implications of the choices you make, will lead you to live in a more meaningful and fulfilled way, and this is a main goal of therapy. The work is always collaborative, with me acting as a guide for you to explore what you choose.


Existential psychotherapy is a talking therapy that draws on ideas  from existential philosophy. Some central themes that inform my practice are: choice and responsibility, the search for meaning in life, mortality, freedom and relationships with others, ourselves and the natural world. Existential psychotherapists understand that emotional crises are devastating and need help to be resolved, but also believe that resolution can lead to a deeper sense of meaning in life and therefore enhanced well-being and life satisfaction.




A good therapist must create a new therapy with every person they see.


Irvin Yalom