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Emma Cohn
Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapist

Individuals Online & In-Person £90
Family sessions £110
Assessments £90

Welcome to Therapy with Emma Cohn
I am an experienced psychotherapist and I have been working therapeutically with
adults, children, young people, individually and in groups for over twenty years. I also
offer supervision to other therapists.
I have thorough training and experience of working with children and adolescents. I
understand that children and adolescents may experience powerful emotions that
they may struggle to understand, which can impact their general wellbeing.
Due to my training, I can offer a solid understanding of how early childhood may
have impacted an adult’s life. Furthermore, I feel able to offer valuable support to
parents who are finding parenting challenging.
Seeking help can give people an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings with
someone who is not directly involved in their lives. A trusting relationship between
therapist and client is pivotal and I understand the importance of providing a safe,
supportive, authentic and respectful space for my clients.
If you or your child/adolescent are in search of therapy, please do get in touch and I
will be happy to help.

The Therapeutic Journey
Both counselling and psychotherapy pave the way for individuals to better
understand themselves, making sense of their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.
This introspective journey helps in identifying and reassessing core beliefs, providing
insights into their impact on daily life, it also encourages exploration into persistent
behavioural patterns and deepens understanding of interpersonal relationships.

Reasons to Seek Therapy
People come to therapy for various reasons—from navigating significant life changes
like family breakdowns or bereavement, to managing mental health issues. Contrary
to the misconception that therapy is only for those with severe issues, many of my
clients are individuals coping with common life challenges. Reasons for seeking
therapy are diverse and can include:

Friendship issues/bullying
Social anxiety/peer pressure
Anger management
Anxiety & stress
Depression & low mood
Behavioural difficulties
Low self-esteem and confidence

Bereavement and loss
Family conflicts or breakdown
Life transitions
Disordered eating
Parenting challenges
Adjustments to life transitions
Relationship issues
Physical disabilities & chronic pain
Managing ASD or ADHD
Supporting a loved one with mental health difficulties
Loneliness and isolation
Dealing with cultural, health, or childhood-related issues.

About Emma Cohn
My approach is deeply rooted in an integrative method that combines various
therapeutic techniques tailored to individual needs. Holding an MA in Child,
Adolescent and Family Therapy, along with postgraduate diplomas in Drama
Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy and Supervision, I offer creative methods into my
practice, allowing clients to explore deeper unconscious elements. However, I also
understand if people prefer solely talking therapy.

Training and Qualifications
MA in Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapy from The Centre for Counselling
and Psychotherapy in Education
Diploma in Supervision at Terapia
Diploma in Sand Tray Therapy from The Centre for Counselling and
Psychotherapy in Education
PG Diploma in Drama Therapy at the Royal Central School of Speech and

If you or someone you know is seeking understanding and growth, I am here to
support and guide you through your therapeutic journey.

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